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Here you can read about the work we have undertaken to maintain our beautiful church.

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Replacing The Roof

In 2017 we replaced the roof.  This was a major project which was supported by the Wick community and friends from further afield.

You can read the report on the work here: Wick Chruch Roof Report

Making the Building Safe

Some of the people using the church have had a problem with the chancel steps.  At the beginning of 2020 we arranged for Paul Dennis from Brecon to install wrought iron handrails 

There used to be a trip hazard in the vicinity of the font.  To avoid any further accidents, we arranged for the base of the font to be lowered so that it is flush with the surrounding floor. 

We are grateful to the Friends of St James' Church for funding both these safety improvements.

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Altar & damp.jpg

Tackling the Damp

There were patches of damp which we tackled by repointing some of the walls, starting with the chancel.

We have also moved the altar away from the wall.  Apart from enabling us to deal with the damp, this has also uncovered a memorial previously obscured beneath the altar and allows for the celebrant at the Eucharist to adopt a westward-facing position, looking towards the congregation.

There was also a problem with the tower, where there was a large crack.  This was assessed by a structural engineer and has now been repaired in keeping with his recommendations.

Tower Repairs

A test of the lightning conductor (as required by our insurers) found that it was faulty.  In doing the repairs, it emerged that there were other problems with the tower roof - the coping stones neeeded repointing and the weathervane was seriously corroded.  When checking inside, the supports for the bell were also corroded, making it dangerous to use.

We decided that we needed to deal with these problems while the scaffolding was in place.

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